Ed Cottone, with his associate attorney, successfully obtained relief from a Federal Court order, allowing them to file a $110,000,000 (110 million dollar) lawsuit against an entity in receivership with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That litigation is currently still in Federal Court, with the trial coming in the Fall of 2011.

Ed Cottone’s client sued the president of a residential Homeowners Association for defamation. Due to Ed Cottone’s excellent negotiation skills, the case settled in Cottone & Moon’s client’s favor minutes before opening statements were to be heard before the jury.

After filing a lawsuit and litigating for less than one year, Ed Cottone collected $491,000 for a sub-contractor client who had installed marble in a five star hotel and had not been paid by the general contractor or the owner. Ed Cottone’s client received 100-cents-on-the-dollar for all labor and material supplied, in addition to all attorney fees and a 30% profit on the project.

After a national Internet e-commerce firm sued Ed Cottone's client in federal court, claiming alleged violation of a trademark, Ed Cottone ramped up the litigation and then forced a settlement whereby the plaintiff paid Ed Cottone's client, the defendant, several thousand dollars.  Further, Ed Cottone's client is still free to use their logo and business name (both of which were unsuccessfully challenged in the lawsuit against Ed Cottone's client). 

In May of 2010, Ed Cottone's firm ended a shareholders' derivative suit alleging millions of dollars in damages against Ed Cottone's client.  The case ended after plaintiff's counsel was defeated time and time again during the litigation following opposing arguments from Ed Cottone's firm.  The case has been dismissed. 

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In September, after 18 months of litigation and very contentious negotiations where the other side refused to settle, Cottone & Moon took a case to the judge and obtained a judgment against the opposing party in the amount of $572,000.

Cottone & Moon won a jury trial for a nationwide loan servicer who was being sued for millions based on claim of wrongful foreclosure.  The jury found Cottone's client was obligated to pay nothing. 

Ed Cottone argued in front of the California appellate court, representing a large nationwide debt collector.  The appellate court held in Cottone's favor. 

Cottone & Moon won a trial for a local commercial developer who was sued for breach of contract.  Cottone's client was awarded all damages sought from defendants. 

In 2008, Cottone & Moon won a trial for a mortgage company who was accused of erroneously furnishing negative information to a consumer’s credit report. Cottone’s client was ordered to pay nothing.

Cottone & Moon won a trial in federal court for a client who was owed six figures based on prior, ten year old debt.  The court ordered the defendant's personal residence to be sold to satisfy the debt owed to Cottone’s client, causing the defendant to lose his home for failing to pay Cottone's client. 

Cottone & Moon settled a $4 million dollar case against his client, a prominent local business, for a mere $100,000. 

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In April, Cottone & Moon served a lawsuit against a defendant who had fled the state to evade service. By researching the defendant’s background, Ed Cottone was able to have the defendant successful served outside of his criminal hearing in another state where there was no escape.

In March, Ed Cottone settled not one or even two, but three cases in favor for his clients; each of which had been dragging on for over two years.

Also in March, Ed Cottone represented a client at a hearing out-of-state which was supposed to last a few hours. The Judge continued the hearing for three days straight, but Ed Cottone argued with valor and once again, the Judge ruled in his favor. The defendant got up and angrily left the courtroom, slamming the door on his way out, while the Plaintiff, Cottone’s client, was saved from the brink of bankruptcy.

In June, Ed Cottone and his Cottone & Moon team settled a construction litigation matter for approximately $300,000 (90% of the original claim) after a year of litigating against a mega law firm and after Ed Cottone and the Cottone & Moon lawyers obtained sanctions against the 135 year old, 150 lawyer law firm for discovery violations.

In the spring of 2011, Ed Cottone defended a manufacturer of components for recreational vehicles from a preferential transfer lawsuit seeking six figures from Ed Cottone’s client. After the defenses were outlined on a dry erase board during the mediation, the other side said, “We’re not taking this to trial” and the case settled with Ed Cottone’s client paying absolutely nothing in exchange for a full and complete dismissal with prejudice, meaning the case can never be filed again.

In February of 2011, Ed Cottone and his team obtained a judgment in an amount greater than $200,000 for a general contractor client.